ONELAN’s Reserva Edge is an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution (Intel® IMRS).  To qualify as an Intel IMRS, a solution needs to include all edge-to-cloud components, demonstrate clear and measurable business value, be commercially deployed and be fully supported.

Utilising the Intel Atom® processor gives Reserva Edge a distinct competitive advantage. This provides the power to deliver not only a responsive room signage solution but also a dynamic communications and digital signage platform built on ONELAN’s Net-Top-Box (NTB) operating system. Benefiting from nearly 20 years of software development the NTB operating system combined with ONELAN’s Content Management System (CMS) offers a truly enterprise ready solution.

Reserva Edge is a purpose-built room sign providing the latest room booking functionality as well as a dynamic communications platform on which businesses, educational institutions and hospitality venues can advertise, build brand awareness and share their internal communications. With a clear 10” screen size, Reserva Edge offers a best-in class ergonomic design, making it a seamless and easy fit for every application, from conference centres and corporate offices to university campuses and huddle spaces, where space is at a premium.

Reserva Edge is complemented by Reserva Analytics reporting, a browser-based solution providing room booking data in a clear, easy to use dashboard. Reserva Analytics allows organisations to identify trends in user behaviour, monitor meeting space utilisation and optimise resources accordingly. These analytics enable organisations to base their long-term strategic decisions on proven quantitative data with information available for all rooms, a single room or a custom group of rooms. Since real estate costs are among the greatest costs for any organisation and the ability to deliver efficiencies in workspace optimisation offers a genuine ROI,  Reserva Analytics satisfies the Intel IMRS requirement to demonstrate business value.

All Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions are vetted as scalable, repeatable, end-to-end solutions that are currently available in the market, including sensors, edge hardware, software, cloud, and analytics from across the IoT ecosystem and deliver clear and measurable business value.