Reserva is a ONELAN brand that specialises in the development of meeting room signage technologies. We develop solutions which integrate with market leading calendar/ time table  platforms used in the corporate, education and hospitality industries. Reserva goes beyond meeting room signage and can present your meetings on the big screen using the industry leading ONELAN Net-Top-Box (NTB).

ONELAN has been a leader in the digital signage industry for over 15 years and has a wealth of expertise in multimedia content management and data integration. With an impressive client list including Amazon, BBC, British Airways, Dubai Duty Free, Oxford University, Unilever and KPMG, ONELAN technologies are delivering content in the most demanding environments.

In May 2018, ONELAN was acquired by Uniguest, a Nashville-based cybersecurity technology specialist in the secure operating system space. Uniguest delivers market-leading solutions which assist customers in driving guest, shopper, and resident engagement in the hospitality, office retail, and community living industries respectively.

To find out more about ONELAN’s Digital Signage solutions visit www.onelan.com