Key Features

Transforming meeting room signage

Reserva Edge is a purpose built room sign providing the latest room booking
functionality as well as unique digital signage capability. Built on ONELAN’s
NTB operating system, the Reserva Edge fully integrates with the ONELAN
CMS for remote monitoring and management. Reserva Edge features also

  • Interactive room sign functionality e.g. book, extend, shorten, end
    meetings. Faults with in-room resources can also be reported.
  • Utilise room sign for other communications e.g. internal/campus
    communications and advertising.
  • Open API allowing external systems to trigger the Reserva Edge room sign
  • Create schedules for playback including screen on/off.

Key Benefits

Best in class Industrial Design

Ergonomic tilted touchscreen interface, edge to edge glass, anti-fingerprint coating, fully concealed cables and connectors, clear LED status illumination inside and outside the room and fully integrated NFC reader (optional).


Your meeting room signage should blend seamlessly into your working environment and branding. We allow you to add your own logo to the display and also chose your preferred background style. In addition, the Reserva Edge allows you to choose the colors your room signs uses to indicate free or busy. Default is green and red respectively but why not use your brand colors?


Remotely manage all aspects of device configuration via your web browser. Optionally manage all devices centrally from the ONELAN CMS alongside a full digital signage network.


When connected to the ONELAN CMS room signs can be remotely monitored including remote screenshot, support snapshot and notifications if room signs are offline.


Best in class security framework based on ONELAN’s proprietary NTB Linux operating system. Update the full software stack remotely over the network benefiting from continual platform and security updates.

Digital Signage

Use your room signs as a communications platform with multizone layout design and extensive playlist and scheduling controls.



Leveraging the Intel Atom platform, the Reserva Edge offers significant improvements in performance and responsiveness.

Reserva Edge is the market leading digital meeting room sign and a comprehensive communications platform with multi-zone layout design, and extensive playlist and scheduling controls


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Reserva Edge Brochure

Download the Reserva
Edge brochure here


Reserva Edge Datasheet

Download the Reserva Room Signs brochure here

Download the Reserva
Edge Datasheet here


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