Works standalone or integrated with
your digital signage

Reserva works standalone

Designed with simplicity in mind, Reserva can be installed as a standalone system with no big upfront costs. The easy to use Reserva Connection Manager application is installed on a networked PC or server and gives you complete control over the room signs. You can connect to multiple calendars or timetables and apply different configurations to specific, or groups of room signs.

Reserva has been developed with scalability in mind and has been tested for up to 800 meeting room signs.

Room booking and digital signage combined

As a ONELAN organization, we are experts in delivering engaging, multimedia content to digital signage networks. Using the ONELAN Content Management System (CMS) or Publisher you can show a range of other content on your meeting room signage. This maximizes the return on investment in room signage and allows rooms signs to be used for employee communications, brand reinforcement and advertisement.


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How to buy

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