Northumbria University

Northumbria is a research-rich, business-focused university with a global reputation for academic excellence. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, a city often voted best in the UK for students, the university was founded in 1880, and today educates over 33,000 students representing over 125 different nationalities. Focused on delivering an unrivalled student experience, Northumbria’s campus style is contemporary, reflecting the innovative learning styles and research techniques adopted by the University. Northumbria University is a long-standing ONELAN customer, and has an extensive network of Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) across its Newcastle campus, which have been installed over the last 10 years. Initially these media players were deployed in small networks within different faculties/departments at the University, however now Northumbria has moved towards a fully centralised Digital Signage network of HD100 players, using ONELAN’s Content Management Server, as part of an initiative to improve and modernise their visual communication channels. Working in collaboration with Roche AV, ONELAN appointed our Accredited ‘Advanced Content Design Partner’ onemedia, to work closely with Northumbria to deliver a comprehensive signage strategy, setting this leading education facility apart from the rest.  

Driving Audience Engagement

Previously voted the UK’s most IT enabled organisation and experienced, long-term users of the ONELAN platform, Northumbria already has a reputation for their progressive technical ability. Adding to their existing digital signage infrastructure, Northumbria progressed its communications by adding an interactive element into the mix. Northumbria is always looking to diversify its methods of engaging with students to add further value to their environment and stay ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive market. With this in mind, the implementation of an interactive solution developed by onemedia was the perfect solution for improving student communications in an engaging and digitally influential way. Installed in time for Freshers week, the integrated touch screen solutions situated in the university common areas to engage and inform students and visitors during their time on campus. The interactive hubs utilise Northumbria’s intranet content, displaying it in an eye-catching format which is user friendly and simple to navigate. Students can access a variety of useful information such as upcoming campus events, restaurant info, student union updates and sporting events. Other buttons include information concerning money and finance, accommodation, wellbeing and libraries which provide support for new students by detailing all the services and facilities accessible to them during their time at university. In addition to this information, onemedia has introduced various dynamic elements into the bespoke content such as the date, time, live news feeds and weather updates. They have also configured a ‘Map Finder’ function to help students find their way around campus with ease. Using existing 3D Maps of the university interior, students can simply tap on the location they wish to find across campus and the appropriate map is presented to them, an invaluable tool for freshers during their first few weeks on campus.  

Audience behaviour analysis

In addition to heightened engagement, interactivity can also offer valuable insight into audience behaviour, an analytic element was added enabling Northumbria’s content managers to monitor the campus wide click through rates in real time, allowing them to analyse the effectivity of their content and understand student behaviour and interests in more detail. Northumbria is top ten in the UK for the number of graduates entering professional employment with nine out of ten working or studying six months after graduation. Along with an outstanding teaching faculty, these impressive stats can also be attributed to Northumbria’s remarkable educational facilities. It is Northumbria’s communication foresight which keeps them at the top of the leader board when it comes to student satisfaction and motivation.   Download the full Case Study here

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